Company History

KEFI Minerals was formed on 24 October 2006 with a view to creating shareholder value through the discovery and exploitation of gold and copper deposits. The Company’s initial assets were EMED Mining’s exploration interests in Turkey and Bulgaria.

KEFI Minerals commenced trading (Code “KEFI”) on AIM on 18 December 2006.

Since 2008, the highly prospective Arabian-Nubian Shield has been the Company’s primary focus when it commenced exploration activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In 2009, KEFI Minerals formed the Gold & Minerals (“G&M”) Joint Venture with a Saudi partner, Abdulrahman Saad Al Rashid and Sons Company Limited (“ARTAR’”), to explore for gold and associated metals in the Arabian Shield. KEFI is the operator of the G&M Joint Venture.

In late 2013, KEFI Minerals acquired 75% of the Tulu Kapi project in Ethiopia and increased its ownership to 100% during 2014. 

In August 2020, the Company changed its name to KEFI Gold and Copper.