Senior Management

  • Eddy Solbrandt

    Eddy Solbrandt, Chief Operating Officer KEFI Gold and Copper Plc

    Eddy began his career in the mining industry in 1986 and has since worked in open cut and underground metalliferous mines, as well as in coal, gold and mineral sands in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia. He is a founder of GPR Dehler, an independent, international management consultancy which specialises in productivity improvement for mining companies worldwide, especially in the areas of human resources development and performance improvement.

  • Theron Brand

    Theron Brand, Managing Director Tulu Kapi Gold Mine

    Theron began his career in the mining industry as a financial professional with the De Beers Group in Namibia in 1999 and has since gained extensive experience in diamond, gold and tin mining operations. He was involved in several mining projects within AngloGold Ashanti and others from early stages to completion, including the startup of new mines, as part of the management team. Theron joined Tulu Kapi Gold Mine in 2020 as Chief Financial Officer and was appointed Managing Director in early 2022.

  • Brian Hosking

    Brian Hosking, CEO of Saudi Arabia

    Brian began his career as a geologist and worked in technical planning for various mining operations. He then set up his own human resource consulting firm, then led its growth and integration into Transearch, a large global search firm. In 2003, Brian set up Meyer Hosking and focused on the mining sector and providing strategic services including remuneration advice, management assessment and executive search to a wide range of clients.

  • Jeff Rayner

    Jeff Rayner, Adviser - Exploration Strategy

    Jeff Rayner is a geologist with over 24 years' experience in gold exploration and mining in Australia, Europe and Asia. He started his career in Australia with BHP Gold and later Newcrest Mining Limited. He was involved in the early exploration discovery of the Cracow and Gosowong epithermal deposits and the Cadia Hill deposit, currently all of which are operating mines. In 1998, He joined Gold Mines of Sardinia plc as exploration manager, responsible for exploration and mining in Sardinia and project generation in Europe. During part of his time at Gold Mines of Sardina plc, he lead the exploration discovery of the Monte Ollasteddu gold deposit in Sardinia. He joined EMED Mining in 2006 and managed its Eastern European projects, resulting in the early drill discovery of the Biely Vrch gold deposit in central Slovakia. He was Managing Director of KEFI Minerals from November 2006 until he became Exploration Director of KEFI Minerals in October 2014. He is a Member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and a Member of the Society of Economic Geologists.