Date Type Size
30-Dec-2014 Total Voting Rights pdf 40 KB
17-Dec-2014 Holding(s) in Company pdf 144 KB
17-Dec-2014 Holding(s) in Company pdf 29 KB
15-Dec-2014 Result of General Meeting and Admission of Shares pdf 163 KB
15-Dec-2014 Chairman's General Meeting Statement pdf 483 KB
15-Dec-2014 Saudi Arabia Exploration Update pdf 470 KB
08-Dec-2014 Second Exploration Licence Awarded in Saudi Arabia pdf 160 KB
03-Dec-2014 Holdings in Company pdf 28 KB
01-Dec-2014 Holdings in Company - REPLACEMENT pdf 60 KB
01-Dec-2014 Holdings in Company - Dec 2014 pdf 28 KB
27-Nov-2014 Notice of General Meeting pdf 92 KB
26-Nov-2014 Placing and Notice of General Meeting pdf 262 KB
15-Oct-2014 Quarterly Operational Update pdf 252 KB
07-Oct-2014 Tulu Kapi Update: Reactivation Of Mining Licence Application & Indicative Project Financing Plan pdf 287 KB
06-Oct-2014 Independently Verified Ore Reserve Reporting On Tulu Kapi Gold Deposit In Ethiopia pdf 227 KB
01-Oct-2014 Independently Reviewed Cost Estimates For Tulu Kapi Open Pit-Replacement pdf 308 KB
24-Sep-2014 Completion of In-Specie Distribution by Nyota Minerals pdf 272 KB
24-Sep-2014 Mine Plan: Increased Production for Tulu Kapi pdf 292 KB
15-Sep-2014 Appointment of Nominated Adviser pdf 198 KB
12-Sep-2014 Grant of Share Options pdf 251 KB
11-Sep-2014 Interim Results pdf 525 KB
04-Sep-2014 KEFI presenting at Africa Down Under pdf 309 KB
03-Sep-2014 Acqusition Update pdf 345 KB
18-Aug-2014 Tulu Kapi Resource Update pdf 422 KB
31-Jul-2014 Tulu Kapi DFS Update pdf 104 KB
30-Jul-2014 Tulu Kapi Acquisition Update pdf 77 KB
28-Jul-2014 Q2 Operational Report pdf 213 KB
14-Jul-2014 Exploration Update Saudi Arabia: Jibal Qutman Project pdf 99 KB
23-Jun-2014 Result of AGM pdf 69 KB
23-Jun-2014 KEFI AGM Statement pdf 75 KB
20-Jun-2014 Tulu Kapi DFS Update pdf 263 KB
18-Jun-2014 Holdings in Company_2 pdf 28 KB
17-Jun-2014 Holdings in Company_1 pdf 46 KB
16-Jun-2014 Renewal of Tulu Kapi Exploration Licence pdf 83 KB
11-Jun-2014 Director Dealings pdf 294 KB
11-Jun-2014 Acquisition of Tulu Kapi and Placing pdf 322 KB
16-May-2014 Notice of AGM and Publication pdf 296 KB
16-May-2014 KEFI Minerals Proxy pdf 31 KB
16-May-2014 KEFI Minerals Postage Letter pdf 34 KB
16-May-2014 KEFI Minerals Notice of AGM pdf 47 KB
14-May-2014 KEFI Tulu Kapi Mine Plan Update pdf 457 KB
13-May-2014 2013 Annual Report pdf 2.4 MB
12-May-2014 Annual Results 2013 - Final pdf 470 KB
02-May-2014 Notification of Results pdf 30 KB
01-May-2014 Holding in Company (Odey Asset Management LLP) pdf 28 KB
16-Apr-2014 Appointment of Joint Broker pdf 211 KB
02-Apr-2014 KEFI presenting at UK Investor Show pdf 254 KB
01-Apr-2014 2014 Q1 Operational Report pdf 316 KB
27-Mar-2014 Share Option Scheme Approved pdf 223 KB
12-Mar-2014 Upgraded resource at Tulu Kapi pdf 427 KB
12-Mar-2014 JORC Compliance Table 1: Tulu Kapi Resource update pdf 550 KB
06-Mar-2014 Upgraded JORC Resource at Jibal Qutman pdf 510 KB
14-Jan-2014 Exploration Update for Jibal Qutman pdf 464 KB
10-Jan-2014 Holding in Company (Standard Life Investments Limited) pdf 46 KB
08-Jan-2014 Holding in Company (Odey Asset Management LLP) pdf 28 KB